FetPros is adult social network and classified ads site built for Fetish Professionals which includes Professional Dominatrixes, Switches and Submissives, Adult Film Stars, Performers, Models, Toy and Clothing manufacturers and stores, Photographers, Videographers, Producers, Writers, Kink and Swinger Lifestylers, Event Promoters, and Fetish Friendly professionals such as Lawyers, Doctors, IT Professionals, Home Contractors, Real Estate Agents, Accountants.  In other words, just about everyone in the adult kink/BDSM/fetish industry.


Click the login in button on the top right of the page.  Just click on that button and the Login page will appear.  If you have not created an account with FetPros, you will have to register with Fetpros.  You can register from the Login page, so go ahead and click the Login button.

The Login button looks like this:

FetPros Login Button Help

FetPros Login Button

On a laptop or desktop, when you hover over the button with the mouse, it will look like this:

First, click the Login button.  Then, at the bottom of the Login Form, click on Sign Up Now!

Sign Up Now! looks like this:


To add a profile photo or change an existing one on a mobile device.

In the top left of the page, click on the profile icon.

Click on the profile icon.

Click on the profile

2. That will open your profile menu and it will look something like this:

Profile Menu

Profile Menu

3. Click on Edit Profile

Edit Profile

Edit Profile

That will show a page that looks like your profile all over again.  It will look like nothing has changed.  Simply scroll down until you see three buttons, View, Edit, and Change Profile Photo.

View Edit Change Profile Photo

View Edit Change Profile Photo

Clicking on Change Profile Photo navigates to a new page and again nothing looks like it changed.  Scroll down until you see this:

Upload Photo

Upload Photo

Tap on “Select your File.”  In my experience, tapping on the button slightly below “Select your File” works best.  This will show selection options similar to this:

Image Selection Options

Image Selection Options

Once you’ve selected the photo you want to use, you’ll see the image with a dashed selection box showing the the part of the image that will show in the profile.  Resize the box to select the area you want.  If you tap on the image outside the selection box the selection box will completely disappear.  This will allow you to draw the box starting from a point of your choosing.  Due to the inaccuracies of touch on a small device, this might be a little difficult to get right at first.
Crop Selection Box

Crop Selection Box Finished

After you’ve select the area you want to show, scroll down and tap on “Crop Image.”

Tap on Crop Image

Tap on Crop Image

Congratulations!  You’ve changed your profile photo!

Vendor Stores

Go to your profile menu and click on Store Dashboard. Then fill out the Vendor Application.

You will be paid via bank transfer on the first business day of each month.  For security, no banking or credit card information is stored in FetPros.  Banking information will be obtained via private communication, preferably via phone.

FetPros is for Fetish Professionals and very much supports your freedom.  However, there are powers that be which cannot be fought by us just yet.  With that in mind, we have to approve all products sold.  Please don’t sell yourself, other people, don’t offer any sexual services, don’t sell blood, scat, or urine and don’t sell drugs or alcohol.  We want to stay out of trouble here.

The maximum transaction is $200 US.

The fee we charge you is 6%.  This may change in future depending on how viable 6% is.  The site does need to make money.  It doesn’t have to do it by ripping you off.

Currently, digital content is not supported.  That is definitely something to be added in the future.

The customer pays with a credit card, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, and JCB.  Payment processing is handled via the highly trusted payment gateway, Authorize.Net.  At no time does FetPros.com ever get credit card information.